2015 Student Defenses

The Bloorview Research Institute is proud to celebrate our student accomplishments. 





"Bloorview has acted as an excellent platform for my learning as a student. The Concussion Centre has supported my academic growth and encouraged my scientific interests. I have met so many intelligent people at BRI and I am constantly inspired by researchers who want to discover something new. I look forward to seeing how BRI continues to support their trainees in remaining independent and motivated to influence the scientific community."

Heart rate variability following concussion in youth athletes: An observational pilot study

Monica Gomez



"I enjoyed my time in the Bloorview Research Institute. All of the people that work here make this institute a wonderful environment to work in, not only because of the quality in work we do, but also because of their warmth that make the work so enjoyable."

Assessment of Postural Deviations Associated Errors in the Analysis of Kinematics Using Inertial and Magnetic Sensors and a Correction Technique Proposal

Sabine Weyand



"These past few years have been an unforgettable journey. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to my supervisor Dr. Tom Chau and the rest of the staff and students at Holland Bloorview for their help, guidance, support and wisdom."

A Neurofeedback-Based Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Brain-Computer Interface

Tim Zeyl



 "I was very fortunate to be part of the BRI during my time as a student. The staff and trainees provided a supportive, friendly and intellectually stimulating environment."

Adaptive brain-computer interfacing through error-related potential detection

Marcela Correa Villada


"It's been inspiring to be part of BRI and be able to see the hard work and the passion that everyone puts into their work. My time at BRI definitely helped me grow and motivated me to keep working towards better possibilities for individuals with disabilities."


Predicting Movement Intention in Children with and without Dyskinesia using Accelerometry