Volunteering in the Bloorview Research Institute

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Bloorview Research Institute (BRI)!

Volunteers are valuable members of our research teams and play a vital role in the research process. BRI volunteers working in research programs will gain valuable hands-on experience.

Individuals who wish to volunteer within BRI must contact a BRI scientist directly. Please note, potential volunteers who complete the Holland Bloorview centralized application process are not automatically eligible to volunteer within the Research Institute. Additional application materials may be required.

We ask that volunteers only contact the scientist with whom they are most interested in working, and allow a minimum of two weeks for a response. If you have not heard from the scientist in that timeframe, or they are not taking volunteers, another scientist may be contacted.

For general questions related to volunteering, contact Nadia Lise Tanel at ntanel@hollandbloorview.ca, Manager, Research Operations.

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