Elias Abou Zeid

PhD Candidate
Institute of Biomedicals and Biomedical Engineering
University of Toronto
Advisor: Dr. Tom Chau

Education & Training:

Elias Abou Zeid received a Bachelor in Computer Engineering, with great distinction, from Concordia University, Canada, 2006. Masters in biomedical engineering from McGill University, Canada, 2009.  After working for almost three years at Ericsson Research Canada and CAE Healthcare as R&D Engineer, he joined University of Toronto to pursue a PhD. in Biomedical Engineering.

Elias’ research interests include Signal and Image processing, computer vision, biomedical signal processing, medical imaging, assistive and medical technologies, rehabilitation engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and pattern recognition.

Current Research:

In his research project, Elias is researching and developing a technology for visual lip reading to allow people with vocal speech impairments to communicate. At a later stage of the project, he plans to look into multi-modality speech recognition, more specifically at synchronized behavioral (visual lip reading) and physiological (brain waves) speech recognition to permit later cognitive communication for people with locked-in syndrome. During the project, this technology will be clinically assessed.

Other Interests:

Outside work, Elias enjoys nature, playing soccer, biking, swimming, travelling to discover new cultures, volunteering, guitar, history and psychology.

Elias Abou Zeid