What is the Quality FM?

The Quality FM is an observational clinical assessment that captures the quality of movement of the Stand and Walk/Run/Jump skills (items) in the Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM-66). It was designed for use by physical therapists with children who have cerebral palsy (CP) and are age 5 years and up, able to walk (i.e., in GMFCS Level I, II or III), and can actively follow the GMFM’s administration instructions.

The Quality FM assesses five quality of movement attributes: alignment, co-ordination, dissociated movement, stability and weight-shift. For each GMFM-66 Stand/Walk item, the three most appropriate quality attributes have been pre-selected for scoring. Each quality attribute is scored on a 4-point response scale using item-specific response options described on the Quality FM score form.

Scoring is done from review of the child’s GMFM Stand and Walk/Run/Jump item video that has been made with use of the Quality FM's start/finish position and camera angles. For a therapist who is familiar with the Quality FM, it takes about 60 to 90 minutes to score the video. Instead of coming up with a total quality score, each of the five attributes has its own final score. This allows us to see where the child's relative strengths and challenges are (e.g., a child might have good stability but issues with alignment and dissociated movement.) This information can be used in goal setting and intervention planning.

The Quality FM needs to be scored by a pediatric physical therapist who has experience with administering the GMFM-66, and has taken the Quality FM training course and also passed the Quality FM criterion test. It is also fine for occupational therapists who use the GMFM to learn the Quality FM.

Why do we need the Quality FM?

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Upcoming Training Courses

So far, we have trained physical therapists from Canada, Brazil, England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, and Japan, with our most recent courses being at the Bobath Centre in London UK in January 2016, in Sydney Australia in February 2016, in Aarhus Denmark in June 2016, Vela Luka Croatia in August 2016, and Leuven Belgium in November 2016, London (England) in February 2017, and Cork (Ireland) in June 2017 . 

The next Quality FM international course will take place at the Bobath Centre in London UK in June 2018.  See registration information at https://www.bobath.org.uk

Additional courses are being planned for Chile in Fall 2018, and  Israel in November 2018. For more information on these, please contact Virginia Wright at vwright@hollandbloorview.ca

The next Quality FM 'boutique' course will take place in May, 2018 at Holland Bloorview in Toronto, Canada. For more information or to register, please send an e-mail to Ms. Gloria Lee at glee@hollandbloorview.ca.
[Enrollment space is limited]