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The FOCUS and FOCUS-34 Outcome Measures including the following translations; French; FOCUS-F and FOCUS-34-F, Chinese, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Danish, Danish-34, Afrikaans; FOCUS-A and FOCUS-34-A, Greek, Norwegian, Dutch, Tagalog, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Persian-Farsi, Italian, Swedish and Swedish-34 are available for free download through Flintbox, a third-party site.

The FOCUS and FOCUS-34 are copyrighted measures and cannot be altered or changed without the author's permission. These outcome measures must be completed in their entirety.


  • Click on the Flintbox link above
  • Select one of the Offerings at the bottom of the page and click Download
  • Set up a Flintbox account with your email address and log in
  • Select 'Yes, I agree to this license' and continue
  • Confirm your choice by clicking continue a second time
  • Click Download for the desired "component" to open the PDF and save to your computer.

FOCUS and FOCUS-34 Manual

FOCUS and FOCUS-34 Parent Instruction Sheet