What Is the FOCUS©?

Young woman holding up a little girl and kissing her on the cheek.

ocus on the Outcomes of Communication Under Six (FOCUS © ) is a clinical tool designed to evaluate change in communicative-participation in preschool children. ‘Communicative participation’ is the child’s communication and interaction in “real world” situations at home, school, or in the community (Eadie et al., 2006).

The FOCUS is a valid, reliable, responsive treatment outcome measure that captures ‘real world’ changes following speech and language treatment. The FOCUS links speech and language treatment to the child’s ability to communicate and participate in their world. There are two versions of the measure, one designed for parents and one for clinicians. The items on both versions are the same.

Why do we need FOCUS?

How was the FOCUS and FOCUS-34 developed?

What do FOCUS items look like?

ICF-CY Coding Sheet

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