What is the Challenge?

The Challenge  is an observational measure that assesses 20 advanced gross motor skills that tap into a child's co-ordination, agility, balance, fitness and strength. It was designed for use with children with cerebral palsy who are age 6 years and up, and are in GMFCS Level I (i.e., able to run and jump independently but limited in speed and quality of movement) and higher ability children in GMFCS II.


As a pre-requisite for this test, the child should be able to consistently walk within the 0.45cm test pathway from start to finish, keep feet within the path for all steps, and follow test instructions for at least 45 minutes.

How was the Challenge developed?

How is the Challenge administered?

Training and certification on the Challenge

How are Challenge scores used and reported?

What do the Challenge items look like?

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