Bloorview Research Institute - Mission Vision & Values

Little  girl playing with a model brain


The Mission of the Bloorview Research Institute is to lead transformational, need-driven research to ensure the quality of life of children and youth with disabilities and special needs. 

The Bloorview Research Institute exists to:
  • Generate, apply, and disseminate research findings through family and clinical partnerships.
  • Build capacity in the field by training the next generation of childhood disability researchers.


    The vision of the Bloorview Research Institute is to be an international leader in child and family-centred childhood disability research.

    The Research Institute strives to create possibilities for every child and family through transformational research and knowledge translation.


    Building upon Holland Bloorview’s values of caring, client and family-centred care, excellence, innovation, partnership, and respect, the Research Institute upholds the following key values: 

    • Research Excellence and Innovation - The Bloorview Research Institute will foster a culture of inquiry, innovation, and accountability. Research will be applied, innovative, and of high quality.
    • Client and Family-Centred Care - The Bloorview Research Institute will value the voice of clients and families and will be responsive to clinically important needs.
    • Partnership - The Bloorview Research Institute will conduct research in partnership with clients, families, staff, volunteers, and external stakeholders. The Institute will ensure research findings are widely disseminated.
    • Respect and Diversity - The Bloorview Research Institute will strive create an inclusive environment where every individual feels respected and affirmed to become all that one can be.

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