Parent’s Experiences with Learning to Manage Medications

Parent’s Experiences


Kids with chronic medical conditions, such as disabilities, often take a lot of medications.  For some parents, this can be hard to manage.  We want to know what our health professionals’ can do to help you be more prepared to manage your child’s medications at home. We also want to know how what we teach you about medications at the hospital influences your experience with managing your child’s medications at home.


Caron Gan

Participate in this study

Are you a parent of a child that has been discharged from the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team (BIRT) or the Specialized Orthopedic and Developmental Rehabilitation (SODR) unit at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital?  Are you responsible for managing your child’s medications? Consider taking part in a study to tell us about your experience with learning to manage your child’s medications.

Who can participate

Parents and caregivers who…

  • Have had their child discharged from Brain Injury Rehab Team or the Specialized Orthopedic and Developmental Rehab unit since January 2016 
  • Have a child that is taking more than 3 medications and received instructions for their child’s medications during their inpatient stay at Holland Bloorview

What's Involved

This study involves completing one interview.

  • The interview will take about 1-hour and it will ask about your experience with being taught about your child’s medications while you were at Holland Bloorview
  • The interview can be completed at Holland Bloorview, in your home, or on the telephone at a time that works for you

You will receive a $10 gift card for taking part in this study.  If you come to Holland Bloorview for the interview we will also pay for your parking.


The deadline for enrollment is May 31st, 2016

Interested in participating

If you are interested in participating in this study or have additional questions, please contact Ally Stanhope at astanhope@hollandbloorview.ca or 416-425-6220 extension 6445 with your interest, and she will get back to your shortly. Contacting us does not obligate you or your to participate in the study.

Funding Agency

Health System Performance Research Network

Learn more about this study

Please do not share any confidential information. The research team will contact you by phone or email to provide more details about this study.