Validation and testing of a fabric-based electro-oculography (EOG) access technology


We aim to test the ability of fabric-based electrodes (worn in a headband) to measure eye movement and blinking. This headband could eventually be used as a simple access technology for children and adults who retain voluntary movement of their eyes.


Tom Chau, PhD, PEng

Participate in this study

Consider participating in a research study testing new fabric-based electrodes! The study requires two 1-1.5hr sessions, which will take place in the Bloorview Research Institute at least 1 week apart. The sessions will be conducted at a convenient time for you.

Who can participate

  • Adults (18-55 years old)
  • No known motor disorders
  • Normal vision, or corrected-to-normal vision and able to wear contact lenses for up to 2 hours during testing
  • Able to communicate in English

What's Involved

  • You will be asked to perform a series of eye movements while wearing a fabric headband containing electrodes
  • Video will be used to track eye movement
  • Participate in 2 sessions of 1-1.5 hours each at least 1 week apart
  • Sessions scheduled based on your availability
  • More information is available in the informed consent letter about this study.

Interested in participating

If you have any questions or are interested in participating, please contact:

Amanda Fleury

Email: afleury@hollandbloorview.ca

Phone: 416-425-6220 ext. 3260

Learn more about this study

Please do not share any confidential information. The research team will contact you by phone or email to provide more details about this study.