Participating in Research at Holland Bloorview

1. Does my child need to participate in a research study?

No, participating in research studies at Holland Bloorview is completely optional and your decision will not impact the care you receive.

2. What does it mean to participate in research?

There are many different types of research studies happening at Holland Bloorview.  As an example, in some studies your child might be asked to fill out a survey about their experience.  Other studies could include treatments or interventions for participants.

Each study listing below will explain what study participation will entail.

3. Why should I participate in research?

We are grateful to clients and families for their participation in our projects. Our scientists are continuously conducting new applied research, and participating clients and families can provide valuable information, feedback and results that will help with existing and future research solutions to improve the lives of children with disabilities.

4. Will we be compensated for participating in research?

Some studies may be able to give a small token of appreciation, usually in the form of a gift card.  Other studies will not include this.

5. How do I find a research participation opportunity that is right for me?

This webpage will show you all current research projects at Holland Bloorview.  You can refine the list by using filters to find the studies that are recruiting, and that fit your diagnosis or research area of interest.

6. I'd like to be involved in a Holland Bloorview research study, but I'm not a client at the hospital.  Can I participate in a research study?

Yes, often there are opportunities to become involved in research even if you are not a client at Holland Bloorview.  Each recruiting research project listed below will have information on who is eligible to participate. 

Some projects also require typically developing participants to serve as controls, so this is also a great opportunity to get involved and help with critical research even if you don't personally have a disability. 

Bloorview Research Institute